Wisconsin Garage Builders Frequently Asked Questions

Our Milwaukee Garage Specialists Address Your Most Common Questions

J.D. Griffiths’ Milwaukee garage specialists are committed to providing you with the highest level of customer service. Unlike other Wisconsin garage builders, we don’t hide behind the fine print. We openly and honestly answer all your questions in the fullest detail. Below, we have addressed the most commonly asked questions regarding our products and services. J.D. Griffiths is dedicated to providing you with the most complete resource for all your garage needs.

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When Should I Get Started?

Any time is a good time to get started on collecting information on your garage project. Our Milwaukee concrete contractors normally work between April and November. Start your new garage project today! Call us now at 414-362-7222 and make J. D. Griffiths your premier Milwaukee garage builders.

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How Do I Go About Getting an Estimate on Building My Milwaukee Garage?

While a general idea of cost is available over the phone, the most accurate and complete way of obtaining an estimate of your Milwaukee garage construction costs is by arranging an on-site estimate. Our Wisconsin garage builders are available to meet with you at your home to discuss your unique garage project, offer suggestions and provide you with a free estimate.

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What Size Garage Is Right for Me?

When it comes time to pick out a size for your garage there are a number of options available. Normally, a 2 car garage is 20' wide, and a 2 1/2 car garage is 24' wide. Since the overhead garage door is 16' wide, a 20' wide garage would have approximately 2'6" of "storage" area along side the cars. A 24' wide garage would have about 6'6" of storage area. Since J.D. Griffiths garages are built piece by piece on-site, other width garages can be built (21', 22', 23', etc.).

The depth of a garage is generally determined by the size and type of the vehicles which will be kept in the garage. Since the average length of a passenger car nowadays is in the 15' to 16' range, a garage depth of 20' is considered adequate for these types of vehicles. If, however, you own or plan to own a full-sized pickup truck, van or station wagon, a 22' depth is recommended. Again, other garage depths can be built (21', 23', 24', etc.).

To assist in visualizing the interior size of a completed garage, please visit our indoor Milwaukee garage showroom at 8401 W. Calumet Road. The model garage is 20' wide by 22' deeep and incorporates many of the specifications available in garage construction. This indoor Milwaukee garage showroom is open 24/7 for your ultimate convenience.

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How Can I Obtain More Information on Building a Garage

If you would like additional information on building a garage, please call our offices. We are happy to mail out information on Milwaukee garage styles, specifications and information on other garages we have built in your area.

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How Do I Determine My Lot Size and Lot Lines?

The most accurate way of determining lot size and lot lines is through the use of a "plat of survey" - normally just called a "survey." In some cases, a property owner has received a copy of the survey when the house was purchased. In other cases, the municipality may have a copy of the property survey on file and will provide a copy to the homeowner. If a survey is not available through these means it is a good idea to have a survey completed prior to the start of any construction project. There are many reputable surveyors available, either through the yellow pages or by referrals from bankers, real estate agents and contractors.

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What Size Garage Can I Build?

Most municipalities have codes governing the size, overall height, placement and construction of a garage (sometimes called an "accessory building"). Prior to getting an estimate for your new garage it is a good idea to contact your local building inspector and obtain the answers to the following questions:

  1. How large of a garage can I build?
  2. How tall can the garage be?
  3. How far from the side lot line, rear lot line and the house must the garage be kept? Are the measurements taken from the overhangs or from the wall of the garage?
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What Is a Carriage House Garage Door?

Carriage House garage doors pose the charm of old-world architecture. These garage doors are designed to look like the carriage houses of the 19th century. Fortunately, these garage doors are more functional than those of the past. The Carriage House garage doors J. D. Griffiths carries actually operate by moving up and over instead of. These overhead sectional garage doors are available in a variety of materials to suit your unique needs.

View our Milwaukee garage doors page to find out more information about all the garage door options we offer.

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Are Steel Garage Doors Better than Wood or Other Materials?

Steel garage doors are revered for their industrial strength, security protection and energy efficient performance. They are also often less expensive than the alternatives. Plus, steel garage doors are available in a multitude of designs and can be painted to match or accent the color of your home. 

View our Milwaukee garage photo gallery for ideas on how we can customize your steel garage door to cater to your unique needs.

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When Should I Replace My Garage Door?

Garage doors should be replaced when the garage door is performing poorly or looks outdated or unsightly. There are a variety of reasons one should replace their existing garage door, including:

  • Excessive Exterior/Interior Damage
  • Poor or Unreliable Functionality (Constant catching or slipping)
  • Transitioning from a Manual to an Automatic Garage Door
  • To Increase the Value of Your Home
  • Updating the Look and Feel of Your Property

Whether you have a manual or automatic garage door, J. D. Griffith’s Wisconsin garage builders can repair or replace your existing garage door.

Visit our Milwaukee garage door repair page for more information on the complete repair services we offer.

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