Everything You Need to Know About Garage Permits, Plans, & Building Codes

Getting Your Building Permit for a New Garage in Milwaukee

Get New Garage Permit WIBefore construction starts, you need a new garage building permit to ensure compliance with garage building codes for your city. Milwaukee homeowners can find permit information and applications on the City of Milwaukee website, as well as numbers to call with further questions.

Each county, city, and town has its own set of requirements and new garage building codes, and a quick online search for garage building codes + city will lead you to your municipality’s website or the best local resource for obtaining a garage building permit. City government websites also provide contact information for building inspectors so you can find out how big you can build, and how close to the property lines your garage can go.

Noticed any new garages built in your area recently? Neighbors may have helpful tips about the garage building code and permit approval process in your neighborhood. Another time-saving option is hiring a professional permit service to handle the paperwork for you. Permit service companies can make the permit application process simpler and less frustrating so you can spend more time fine-tuning your garage design—you know, the fun part!


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Garage Building Plans and Resources

Garage installation & remodeling company plansAs Wisconsin’s largest garage builder, J.D. Griffiths has a wealth of experience and information available to help you with garage building plans. Whether you plan on building your garage yourself or having our professionals do the work, we have everything you need from concrete to roofing materials and all the good stuff in between. Make sure your garage plans have the capacity you need and style you’ll enjoy, such as a custom storage area, patio, loft, deck, and much more! We’d love to hear your design ideas and help you finalize your garage plans.

Looking for inspiration? Visit our success gallery or come by our indoor showroom—just make sure you don’t have important plans, because we can’t be held responsible when you lose track of time! You can also talk to a garage builder on the phone, or we can mail you information about garage styles, specifications, and other garages we’ve built in your area. J.D. Griffiths has built hundreds of garages in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Washington, and Ozaukee counties, and we probably have a happy customer not far from your home!

We’re often asked about the cost of building a garage, and the truth is every project is unique. We’re always happy to provide you with a free in-home estimate for your garage building project at a convenient time for you. Our garage builders will listen to your needs and make suggestions to help you build the garage you need within your price range.

Along with a free estimate, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and get expert advice from our experienced garage builders before you make any decisions. Every garage we create is custom built on-site by our own experienced crew, and we take pride in bringing quality craftsmanship to every detail of garage design.

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