Yes, We Build Additions to Existing Garages!

Milwaukee-Based Builders Expand Garages in Greater Wisconsin

At J.D. Griffiths, our reps frequently get asked if we build additions to existing garages. The answer is an overwhelming, “Yes!” In fact, we take it a step further with the ability to perfectly match the exact look and style of your pre-existing garage. Perhaps you would rather have a slightly different design, one that accompanies your current garage as an accent. Basically, whatever garage you dream of having, we’ll make it happen.

Let’s realistically suppose you’re worried about the new garage being spick and span, meaning your existing garage might appear old and run-down in comparison. Our master carpenters are easily able to give your existing garage a glorified facelift. Optional services include new siding, a new roof, and a new service door, along with aluminum soffits, overhangs, and touched-up trim. By enlisting our garage remodeling service, we can also rebuild the walls, making everything maintenance-free for years upon years to come. Your current garage will look brand new just like the addition that really is new!

Garage Addition in Waukesha, Wisconsin

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Thinking About Adding on to Your Attached Garage?

We get it: you’re thinking about adding on to your attached garage, but have no clue what the price will be, what is logistically possible on your property, or how you’ll obtain the building permit(s) needed in Wisconsin.

Do you wonder what adding a 1-car addition to your current 2.5-car attached garage would cost? Perhaps you have a 1-car garage right now and need to house 2 vehicles. In some cases it might be more cost-effective on your part to have us tear the old one down and start fresh. Even so, you have no idea if your desired garage addition or new build will be $10,000, $20,000, or $30,000? Prices can vary significantly based on a variety of factors, many of which come down to your personal preference.

Ultimately, we might have to see your current configuration in order to give a 100% accurate quote. Please know you are NEVER wasting our time by reaching out to us for help in planning and estimating, even if you’re completely unsure of whether or not you’re going to go through with it. It’s important to us you have a pinpointed idea of what your new dream garage is going to cost.

The one thing we can’t do when planning to have an addition built to your existing garage is help you convince your wife…but good luck with that part!

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