Garage Remodeling, Custom Garage Doors & Garage Repair Service in Milwaukee, WI

JD Griffiths can build and fix absolutely anything when it comes to garages. We are the leading provider for garage construction, maintenance & repair in Wisconsin. We also build custom garage doors and garage door openers for Wisconsin properties.

Build a New Garage in Milwaukee

JD Griffiths Milwaukee garage builders have been in the lumber business for decades. We have expert carpenters, cement crews, repair teams, and grading crews on standby, waiting to bring your vision to life.

Garage Remodeling

If you’re looking to remodel your current garage instead of building an entirely new one, JD Griffiths can help bring your vision to life. Not everybody needs to tear down their old garage and lay a brand new foundation. JD Griffiths can inspect your garage to see if it’s viable for conversion. Our experts will work with you to remodel your garage and maximize your floor space. Plus, remodeling your garage will significantly increase the value of your home.

If your garage has severe damage – like cracks, flooding, or fire damage—we can help remodel and repair it to its former glory.  Call JD Griffiths today for a remodeling estimate.

Custom-Built Garage Doors

Our expert wood workers design beautiful doors to match the architecture of your home. We’ve perfected our craftsmanship over 70 years and can confidently say our doors will survive the most brutal Wisconsin winters. Don’t take the risk of buying a subpar garage door from another company. We make the toughest and most elegant doors in Wisconsin.

Milwaukee Garage Codes & Building Plan Examination

If you are looking to demolish an old garage and build a new garage, you’ll need to have the new addition building plan evaluated by the city to make sure the garage will meet all the codes and regulations. Our expert builders will help you with this process.

Milwaukee Garage Codes & FactsMilwaukee Garage Codes, Regulations, City Ordinances

  • A detached garage can occupy no more than 15% of the area of the lot.
  • Garages attached to the house are treated as home additions and have different setback requirements.
  • A garage may be as close as 3 ft to a house when the walls are covered with fire-resistant drywall; otherwise the garage must be at least 10 ft from a house.
  • A garage may not be built on a vacant lot or in the front yard.
  • A garage may not exceed 1000 square ft.
  • The foundation slab must be at least 4” think and at least 3” above the grade of the sidewalk or alley.
  • See more codes and regulations

Plan Examination Fees

  • 1 car garage (250-500 square ft) - $101.60

  • 2 or 3 car garage (501-1000 square ft) - $198.12



Erosion Control Plan Review

If you’re property is at risk for erosion, we will also need to develop an erosion control plan and have it reviewed by the city government.

  • One and two family lots - $175

  • Properties less than 1 acre - $125

Energy Code Plan Review

  • State energy code compliance and review - $45.

Fire Suppression Review

  • Fire suppression plan and fire alarms review - $101.

Full breakdown of building plan evaluations

Garage Door Openers

Our customers can save money by buying a garage door opener directly from JD Griffiths. Our LIFTMASTER garage door openers are some of the most reliable openers is the industry. Plus, all our openers come with industry-leading warranties including lifetime warranty on the motors and 2- year installation warranty. The LIFTMASTER also has a wide variety of compatible accessories including:

  • Single-function transmitters

  • Multi-function transmitters
  • Mini transmitters
  • Wireless keypad entry system
  • Two-wire, three function deluxe wall console
  • New programmable smart phone door openers from LIFTMASTER
  • The latest in garage door opener technology

If you’re looking to repair your garage opener and not replace it, our technicians also have experience with many other brands and won’t have any trouble fixing your current system. Whether you have a broken spring, missing bottom roller bracket or broken roller, we are a team of professionals with the experience to tackle any problem. Get a free estimate today on a garage repair.

Garage Repair

One sign of a broken, weakening or damaged spring could lead to a safety hazard for you, your family, and your car. Our professional repair team has years of experience fixing springs, chains, openers, rusting components and broken sealants.

Most Common Reasons for Needing Garage Repair:

  1. Garage door opener stopped working

  2. Loud grinding noise when opening and closing the garage

  3. Cracks or gaps in the concrete or garage door, especially with wooden doors

  4. Garage door opens a bit and then immediately closes

  5. Garage door remote isn’t functioning

  6. Garage door opener is unresponsive

  7. Visible amounts of rust

  8. Garage door doesn’t seal all the way to the ground

Before and After Gallery

Visit our Before and After Gallery to see photos of our previous projects. Seeing the beautiful transformations is all you’ll need to finally pull the trigger on your new garage project.

If you need even more convincing, check out our full-size Success Gallery with hundreds of photos of our garage remodels and new builds.

Contact the Milwaukee garage experts at JD Griffiths today for a free estimate on a remodel or repair.

Service Areas

JD Griffiths proudly serves Southeast Wisconsin and the Greater Milwaukee Area for 70+ years. We remodel and install garages for residents in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Ozaukee and Washington counties. 

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