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If you hate your garage for one or many reasons, but can't afford a new one, stop what you’re doing. Seriously, stop right now. JD Griffiths has a massive garage showroom, conveniently located right in Milwaukee (or just give us a call at 414-362-7222). We're ready to give you a free estimate on what it will take to remodel your garage.

Free Estimate

Why are you still reading this instead of getting your free estimate? Our team would love to explain what we can do for your home. JD Griffiths is loaded with garage experts who have spent years fine-tuning every detail involved with the logistical creation of an effective garage, treating it like the advanced craft it is. Since we’re armed with an advanced crew of construction workers and master carpenters, even the most unique remodeling ideas will be executed obsessively, with nothing but precision.

Garage Remodeling Milwaukee

Affordable Garage Conversion

Speaking of price – especially if you still haven’t called – you and your family will be impressed with how affordable the garage conversion cost can actually be. We understand not everybody wants to tear down their old garage and lay a brand new foundation, and quite honestly, not everybody needs to. Many property owners simply want a significant remodel of their existing garage. At JD Griffiths, we’re all about completing the garage conversion of your dreams, by any means necessary. This is what made us Milwaukee’s #1 garage remodeling service to begin with!

Maximize Garage Space in YOUR Wisconsin Home

If you don’t have any garage conversion plans of your own, fear not. The team at JD Griffiths is proud to be your great grandparents’ garage builder. We’ve built and restored thousands upon thousands of garages in Southeastern Wisconsin which still stand tall generations later. Fortify your garage for years to come with new concrete foundation installation.

Garage remodeling means our builders will work with your disheveled or severely damaged garage. We'll come in to redo the siding, apply a new roof, change out the service door, and rebuild the walls if need be. We'll add a beautiful, durable aluminum soffit overhang which is nice and new, and above all, maintenance-free. Our complete facelift will make your garage appear brand new again.

Of course, when remodeling a garage, your direct needs determine the garage remodeling plan we will carry out. Taking into account convenience alone, a garage remodel offers significant return on investment. Oh, we forgot another fine detail: wouldn’t you love to see the overall value of your home go up?

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