Concrete Slab Foundations for Garages in Milwaukee

concrete garage slab foundation

JD Griffiths is Milwaukee’s leader in garage installation services. We have proudly served Southeastern Wisconsinites for over 70 years. JD Griffiths promises a quality foundation that will last decades rather than a cheap, quickly built slab that will crack after a couple of winters.

Is a Concrete Slab Needed for a Garage?

Yes, it is essential to install a concrete slab for any garage’s foundation in order to prevent cracking from the weight of cars and frost. For smaller sheds of 100 square feet or less, a concrete foundation is optional, but for garages, a concrete slab foundation is necessary. A quality concrete garage slab can only be poured and installed by our industry experts with over 70 years of experience. We’ll do the job correctly. And once the foundation is set, we can also provide a beautiful door with reliable electronics for the opener.

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Steps to build a garage foundation:

  • Choose a size. First consider the purpose of the garage and the appropriate floor space you need. Consider if you need a garage to store multiple cars or if you want a personal workspace.
  • Site preparation. Get a permit approval from the local building inspector office. You may need to present professionally drawn building plans that take into account any nearly water and gas lines in order receive a permit.
  • Concrete mixing. Concrete with excess water is easier to pour and spread, but it’s not as strong and local building codes often dictate minimum requirements for concrete mixtures to ensure stability. Footings need to extend at least 4 feet below the slab to be in accordance with Milwaukee building codes.
  • Curing process. Most concrete slabs need to be cured, which will require keeping the concrete moist during this process. Once the curing has finished, your foundation is ready to support the walls, door, and roofing of your garage.

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5 Common Types of Garage Slabs

T-shaped garage concrete slabs in Milwaukee Slab-on-grade garage concrete layers in Milwaukee Frost protected concrete garage slabs in Wisconsin Rubble trench concrete garage slabs in Wisconsin Deep foundation concrete garage slabs from Milwaukee contractors


  • Used in regions where the ground freezes
  • Footing is placed below the frost line and walls are added on top
  • Footings are usually wider than the wall providing extra support to the base of the foundation


  • Single layer of concrete, just a couple inches thick
  • Can rest on a bed of crushed gravel to improve drainage
  • Installing a wire mesh in the concrete helps reduce the chance of cracking
  • Mainly used in regions where the ground doesn’t freeze but can be adapted with insulation to prevent it from freezing
  • Monolithic (concrete poured all at one time)

Frost Protected

  • Only works with a heated structure
  • Concrete poured monolithically
  • Uses two sheets of rigid polystyrene insulation to prevent freezing
  • Holds heat from the structure in the ground under the footings and prevents heat from seeping out of the edge of the slab

Rubble Trench

  • Uses a concrete slab on top of a trench filled with stones or rubble
  • Trench dug at a slight grade to improve drainage
  • Poured slab is steel reinforced and raised above the ground to provide clearance

Deep Foundation

  • Used when under layer of soil is poor or when building a garage into a hillside
  • Load from the structure is transferred through the weak soil layer and onto a solid bedrock or sturdy clay layer


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