Southeast Wisconsin Garage Door Opener Sales and Installations Featuring LIFTMASTER Professional Models

J.D. Griffiths Company is proud to feature the newest technologies from our complete line of LIFTMASTER brand openers. This garage door opener line has, by far, the longest warranties in the industry, including lifetime on the motors for most models. We also warranty the installation for a full 2 years. If you compare just this feature you will see why a LIFTMASTER from J.D. Griffiths is such a great deal. We also carry extra controls, mini transmitters, wireless keypads and all parts and accessories you could ever want. If you ever do need service we have our own trained garage service technicians on hand to quickly resolve any problems; just give us a call. We also do free estimates at your convenience. Our local garage service technicians also repair all brands of openers and doors on the market.

Contact us now to inquire about our current money saving specials. We are also a LIFTMASTER garage openers dealer with full parts and service available.

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8 am. till 4:30 pm.

3 FULL SIZE LIFTMASTER Brand Professional Garage Opener Models on Display in Our HEATED SHOWROOM

  • All feature 1 piece railsGarage Door Openers in Milwaukee
  • Chain, and belt drives available
  • Lifetime motor warranties on most models we carry
  • New battery back up units so you never get locked out
  • Ultra quiet belt drive designs when you want minimal noise
  • My Q new smart phone technology models

We carry the full line of LIFTMASTER products. Whether you prefer chain drive or ultra quiet belt drive, you can't go wrong. Check our coupon section for seasonal specials on new door opener systems. Don't make a costly mistake; call us now at 414-362-7222.

Our Wisconsin garage builders proudly serve Milwaukee, Waukesha, Washington, and Ozaukee counties.

Garage Door Opener Accessories and More Are Available for Purchase through J.D. Griffiths:

  • Single-function transmittersLiftmaster Installation Wisconsin
  • Multi-function transmitters
  • Mini transmitters
  • Wireless keypad entry system
  • Two-wire, three function deluxe wall console
  • New programmable smart phone door openers from LIFTMASTER
  • The latest in garage door opener technology
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Garage Door Opener Installation

We Simplify What Would Otherwise Be a Complicated DIY Project

After installing your garage door, an opener is an almost unquestioned necessity in fully completing your installation. Taking on a project of this size is both overwhelming and time-consuming for the average set of hands, sure to feel more complicated than what most homeowners would like to deal with.

When it comes to garage door opener installation, the master craftsmen at J.D. Griffiths have done it all thousands of times. We will easily install your garage door and garage door opener in no time at an affordable price, safely and time effectively.

J.D. Griffiths quickly installs technologically advanced Liftmaster Garage Door Openers for your convenience.

Installing New Garage Door Openers Across Greater Milwaukee

Let JD Griffiths Position and Secure Your Garage Door Opener Correctly

Before installing a new garage door opener in your Milwaukee area home, we check over your garage door’s parts to make sure everything is working properly. No one should ever install a garage door opener without this initial testing. If any piece is missing or broken it could potentially cause immense damage to your garage door opener and even the structure of your garage. If there is a broken spring, the opposite one would probably break within the following 12 months.

Does your garage have any broken springs, bottom roller brackets, or rollers? Contact J.D. Griffiths for the best, affordable garage door repair services in Milwaukee, WI.

One sign of a broken, weakening, or damaged spring is a noisy garage door operation. For repairs, if any springs, bottom roller brackets, or rollers need replacing, we are the professionals who make sure it gets done. Parts like the bottom roller bracket sit under extreme tension and if handled improperly could put you at risk of injury. If you’re considering replacing an old garage door opener, we check out the parts of your garage door, as well as test its operation. If the door moves on its own, up or down, the torsion spring may be out of adjustment, putting strain on the operation of your garage door. Again, any time a spring needs replacing or adjusting, it’s better to have a professional handle the repair for the sake of your own safety.

Check out what other Wisconsin garage owners have to say about J.D. Griffiths’ garage door services.

Testing Garage Door Openers

After completing installation of your new garage door opener, we thoroughly test the functionality of your finished project. If your garage door experiences 5 lbs. or more of resistance during any given opening, it will stop and return to the open position. This is a safety feature designed to protect you and/or your family during any possible accidents. Additionally, the manufacturer’s instructions include information regarding how you can adjust your door opener’s force. Of course, if you wish, we’re always happy to make any desired adjustments for you when completing these garage door opener installation tasks.

J.D. Griffiths provides garage door repair, replacement, installation, and building services in Milwaukee to surrounding Wisconsin residents.

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