Wauwatosa New Garage Construction

J.D. Griffiths is who Wauwatosa homeowners call for new garage building as well as repair. When your garage door is old and dilapidated for the whole neighborhood to pity, or your garage door opener breaks by not closing when it’s zero degrees outside while you’re off at work and your wife is desperately clicking the remote as two kids cry in the backseat, repairs simply cannot wait. If you don’t even have a garage on your property, our expert craftsmen will deliver a free quote for making it happen. We’ll customize the style and size of your new garage. Our capabilities also include pouring the concrete, making us a turnkey cost-effective contractor.

Garage Build Cost Garage Repair Cost

Flag Center Garage
Wauwatosa Custom Garage
Wauwatosa 2-Car Garage
Wauwatosa 3-Car Reverse Gable
Wauwatosa Reverse Gable Garage with Custom Cupola
Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Custom Gable Garage
New Garage, Custom Walk, & Patio Combinations
Oversized Wauwatosa 2-Car Garage
Wauwatosa 1 1/2 Car Double Gable
Custom Carriage Style 10/12 Pitch Gable
Custom Cement Board Siding Gable
New Reverse with Cupola and Cement Board Siding
High Pitch Gable Style
Spectacular Tosa Gable Style
Another Wauwatosa Beauty
Custom Dutch Hip 1-Car Garage
Beautiful Patio Style Custom Built
Wauwatosa Gable Style
22' x 22' Gable Garage with Drive
Brand New Deluxe Gable Garage Built in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
Custom Poured Concrete Patio in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
Gable Garage in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
Patio Party Anyone?
Side View of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Garage with Asphalt Approach
Wauwatosa Wonder
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